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Private & group beach volley training programs based on top-level sport training

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JP Beach Volley Academy

"Keep Your Volley Dreams Alive!"

I use my experience as a professional volleyball player to create training programs that combine dynamic exercises focused on the correct technique in each element, while teaching the large picture of the game. We use repetition training until we get it right. My mission is to make you fall in love with volleyball and be able to enjoy this wonderful game on which ever level you are.

We offer private, semi-private and group lessons. Weekly practices in groups are held ideally 3x per week, and there is maximum 6 players in one group, which allows for complex exercises and attention to the small details.

Apart from your training, you can join our FREE Open Play - friendly games and matches that we organize 2x per week to practice your newly learnt skills, all while getting to know your fellow participants in a social casual atmosphere.

Our favorite training location is St Raphael beach in Limassol, but we can build our portable net anywhere.

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"I love beach volleyball in every aspect - technical, tactical and human - and I strongly believe that sport should be an integral part of the life of adults, teens and children. Beach volleyball in particular significantly improves the physical and mental well-being of the players, at any age and level, and is a great way to improve your lifestyle and meet new people."

Jorge Payan

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Our beach volleyball lessons are aimed at everyone, from children to adults, from beginners to professionals.

JP Beach Volley Academy: Services
Beach Volleyball

Lessons for Beginners

Classes for beginner and intermediate players are focused on the fundamentals; you will learn the rules of the sport as well as how to serve, dig, bump, pass, set, spike, and block. The most important is to develop the correct techniques so you can grow as a player.


Lessons for Advanced Players

Training for advanced players builds on the basics, introduces new skills, and is mainly focused on improving their court movement and strategy of the game. The goal is to develop every aspect of the players who are looking to take their game to the next level and achieve good results at tournaments.


Training for Indoor Players

Beach volleyball improves your indoor game, and is one of the best training methods, so it’s common for indoor volleyball players to take to the sand during the off season. It’s a great way for players to improve at every aspect of the sport - serving, passing, setting, hitting, reading the hitter, digging, conditioning, and communication, stability and coordination – so if you are weak in any of these areas, playing on the sand will force you to work on all of your skills, helping you become a developed, well-rounded volleyball player.
Suitable for kids, as well as adults.


Group Lessons

Group lessons are the best way to learn this sport and have fun at the same time. Lessons are organized 3x per week in the afternoon (eventually early morning) hours, with max. 6 players per group, which allows for complex exercises and attention to technical details.


Private / Semi-Private Lessons

One-on-one training / training in couples is suitable for players that would like a more personalized session to either improve their skills or understanding of the sport. Private lessons can also be used for an introduction to beach volleyball or a gift idea. Lessons are 75 minutes long and can be scheduled to fit your availability, 7 days a week throughout the year.


Kids Lessons

Training kids how to play beach volley is not about drills and exercises, but teaching them how to move, challenging their coordination and essential motor skills, while having fun! The golden rule is to make things challenging but accomplishable, and incorporate some fun games and exercises, encouraging team spirit and love for the sport. If your child is active, sociable and loves outdoor games, this dynamic sport will definitely suit him.


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About The Instructor

Jorge Payan

I am a professional volleyball player originally from Colombia, living and playing in Greece and Cyprus for the past decade. Over the past 15 years of my career, playing for national team of Colombia and European champion leagues, I have achieved championship glory and medals all over the world.

Since 2010 I've been working also as a personal coach in physical activities for volleyball players, assisting in preparation and training of kids and adult players of all levels.

As your coach, I will bring my talent and experience to train you with the same strength and determination that I give on the volleyball court. 

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Limassol, Cyprus

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