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Personalized coaching for athletes & private fitness programs based on top-level sport training

Limassol, Cyprus

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Train Your

Body & Mind

Are you bored of your regular fitness routine and countless repetitions? Do you lack motivation, or feel like you don’t see any results? Come and train with me!

My training programs together with nutritional advice are focused on improving your overall physical condition and building a symmetrical athletic body, not only pumping up your muscles or losing weight.

You will feel good, confident, and look even better!

Intense Training
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Choose Your Training Goal

Dynamic Workout Programs

for Individuals | Couples | Groups

My programs combine dynamic exercises - based on professional athlete training - with your own body weight, as well as using various equipment such as resistance bands, free weights, jump rope, and even my favorite volley ball. It’s a full body workout with different cardio/strength intensity depending on your health and fitness goals. I believe exercising outdoor is more fun, but if you prefer to work out in a gym – it’s your call.

I'm happy to adapt the training program to your specific needs or health limitations.

Slim & Fit

Get In Your Best Shape

Whether its losing weight or trimming and toning your muscles, my program will help burn calories, boost metabolism, improve your health and have you feeling great. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will get you in tip-top shape.

Women in Fitness Clothes

Muscle & Strength

Workout To Your Maximum Potential

Intense training focused on increasing muscle mass and achieving a symmetrical body with a combination of exercises that will also increase your flexibility and prevent injuries.

Outdoor Workout

Strength & Stamina

Look Good, Feel Good

Get your power and vitality back with this full body workout. We'll focus on strength, flexibility and stamina, so you will feel better and have more energy to handle everyday tasks of your busy life.

Fitness Class
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